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Our Instructors:

Infinity Martial Arts Stones Corner is owned and operated by its two passionate instructors. We welcome all feedback if it helps us improve and hope that we see you on the mats in the near future!

Alex Breckell - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach

Alex Breckell is our Head Instructor and currently holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has been with Infinity Martial Arts since it began many years ago. 

His teaching style brings a unique instruction of techniques in a way that is easy to understand for new or beginner white belts, while also engaging for experienced grapplers, young and old. 

Alex is the original "Bleeds Orange" Infinity member.

Sam Fields - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach

Sam Fields currently holds a Purple Belt rank in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and as Assistant Instructor enjoys passing on what he has learnt in the 14 years he has been on the mats.

He also loves to learn new details that improve his BJJ, so is thankful to have Alex as his coach and Infinity as his team. While he has only been with Infinity for 2 years, he is the definition of "Bleeds Orange".

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