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2-4 Year Olds 

Koalas is a great class for 2-4 year old children to be introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) as it incorporates play with some fundamental movements that form the basis of our beloved martial art.

BJJ is primarily a grappling martial art that formed the basis for modern MMA, with self defence principles underpinned by solid mechanics of leverage over strength. 


Our Koalas program is super fun and energetic, builds gross motor skills, and we also get the parents involved with the techniques because it builds a strong bond between child and parent, while also being something that can be practiced at home! 


Research suggests that children learn while playing, as play helps young children develop by rapidly improving their skills with:

  • Language 

  • Social

  • Emotional

  • Physicality

  • Cognitive ability


They begin to communicate their ideas, understand others and what they are trying to communicate, all while building their confidence in their movement and awareness. 

We take a structured approach to our Koalas classes as we understand the need to provide a framework within which they can play and grow:


  1. We start by giving each child the chance to introduce themselves to the class. 

  2. Our obstacle course is always set up and ready to go, with Koalas bear-crawling through tunnels and over mats, forward rolling down foam slides, balancing on the zig zag balance beams, and jumping through the rope ladder. 

  3. Techniques are introduced through a fun game. But don’t be deceived, these games have fundamental BJJ techniques incorporated into them. A little like Wax On Wax Off, but for young children, and arguably with more application!

  4. Parents join us on the mat and the techniques the Koalas have just learned are implemented on their mum or dad, often with a lot of laughter!

  5. At the end of class we sit down with our Koalas and thank them for joining us, with a little high five. This builds the groundwork for their older selves, as Pandas and Monkeys have a more formal end of class where they line up, bow, and shake hands with everyone in the class. 

Alex, our Head Instructor, is Infinity Stones Corner’s full time coach for both the Juniors and Adults programs. He has a passion for, and extensive experience with, teaching children. They respond well to his engaging teaching style, with a quiet approach to discipline that encourages good behaviour through positive reinforcement. 

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9:00am - 9:30am 

Membership Options -


*Infinity Membership fee - $99 

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$22.50/week OR 

$44.05/fortnight OR


6 Month Commitment = 10% Discount

10 Class Pass - $205* (does not include membership fee and valid only for 3 months)

Starter Pack Value -
Koalas = $199!



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