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4-7 Year OIds

Pandas is a great class for 4-7 year old children to be introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) as it incorporates play with some fundamental movements that form the basis of our beloved martial art. 


  • Primarily a grappling based martial art. 

  • Has sound self defence principles underpinned by solid mechanics of leverage over strength.

  • Evolved from Japanese Jujutsu after being taught in Brazil to a small number of families.

  • Formed the basis for modern MMA - the UFC was started by the Gracies in order to show the world that BJJ is the most effective fighting art, even with the evolution, BJJ remains a staple component of the majority of MMA athletes. 


Research suggests that play remains an important part of learning for the Pandas age group as a means of improving language, social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills. It also suggests that children this age are able to process more technical information and have greater body awareness.


Our Pandas program successfully balances your child’s need for play in order to learn by introducing an element of sparring, otherwise known as rolling or wrestling, in a safe, closely monitored and controlled environment. 

The Pandas classes are structured in a way that teaches self defence, stranger danger, and body mechanics required to improve gross motor skills that are also fundamental to BJJ: 


  1. Class introduction, line up in belt formation. 

  2. Warm up - including line drills that have far reaching benefits in relation to mobility, strength, flexibility, and most importantly, BJJ fundamental skills. 

  3. BJJ techniques are taught as a series of basic movements.

  4. Each child trials what they have learnt on the Instructor. 

  5. Children are then separated into duos in order to implement the techniques on each other. 

  6. A game based around the technique taught is played, with the goal being to implement, or secure, a position or technique. Pandas love this part of class. 

  7. Depending on behaviour, Alex may choose to reward the class with a game of their choice, such as Zombies, Helicopters, etc. They must have been on good behaviour to get this reward, though! 

  8. End of class is a formal belt formation, with a bow out, and shaking of each other's hands to thank everyone for a good class. This emulates the formality of proceedings in the Monkey’s and Adults classes.  


Alex, our Head Instructor, is Infinity Stones Corner’s full time coach for both the Juniors and Adults programs. He has a passion for, and extensive experience with, teaching children. They respond well to his engaging teaching style, with a quiet approach to discipline that encourages good behaviour through positive reinforcement.   

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Pandas Timetable


4:00pm - 4:30pm


9:30am - 10:00am

Membership Options -


*Infinity Membership fee - $99 

No Lock In Contract (30 Day Cancellation Notice):

$32.75/week OR

$64.55/fortnight OR



6 Month Commitment = 10% Discount

10 Class Pass - $265 (does not include membership fee)

Starter Pack Value - Pandas - $219!



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New High Quality Pearl Weave Gi 

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