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Monkeys/ Sharks
7+ Years Old

Monkeys is a great way for 7-14 year old children to be introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and learn the foundations of this incredibly effective martial art. 


Monkeys will gain from BJJ many things, including but not limited to:


  • How to successfully defend themselves or others if attacked.

  • Improved confidence and self esteem. 

  • Fitness.

  • New friends. 

  • Discipline.


BJJ is primarily a grappling martial art that formed the basis for modern MMA, the UFC was started by the Gracies in order to show the world that BJJ is the most effective fighting art.  


The self defence principles of BJJ for children: 

  • Underpinned by solid mechanics of leverage over strength.

  • Recognise the reality that size plays a part in an altercation. 

  • Reality based approach.

  • Situational awareness. 

  • Stranger danger

  • Other child-specific self defence skills. 


Our younger programs introduce BJJ to the children through games, but with Monkeys, BJJ is the game. Sparring, otherwise known as rolling or wrestling, is the key element of the Monkeys BJJ development and is what excites most of the class most of the time! 


The Monkeys classes are structured in a way that teaches the body mechanics required to improve movements that are fundamental to BJJ: 


  1. Class introduction, line up in belt formation. 

  2. Warm up - including line drills that have far reaching benefits in relation to mobility, strength, flexibility, and most importantly, BJJ fundamental skills. 

  3. BJJ techniques are taught as a concept AND as a movement, building the cognitive connection between mind and body. 

  4. Children are separated into duos in order to implement the techniques on each other. 

  5. Sparring (rolling/wrestling) in a safe, closely monitored, and controlled environment. 

  6. If they have been good and listened through class, Alex may choose to reward them with a game of their choice, such as Zombies, Helicopters, etc. 

  7. End of class is a formal belt formation, with a bow out, and shaking of each other's hands to thank everyone for a good class. This emulates the formality of proceedings in the Adults classes.  


Alex, our Head Instructor, is Infinity Stones Corner’s full time coach for both the Juniors and Adults programs. He has a passion for, and extensive experience with, teaching children. They respond well to his engaging teaching style, with a quiet approach to discipline that encourages good behaviour through positive reinforcement.   

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4:35pm - 5:20pm


10:10am - 11:00am 

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